What is Magic Packet Server?

Magic Packet Server is service that allows the Magic Packet application to shut down, restart your computer, and also allows you to check the activity status of your computer or server.

Easy to use

You can easily set up integration with the Magich Packet application easily and simply, it works like magic.

Source code

You can study the source code of the program, report bugs, suggest improvements or change it for yourself. GPL license.

–°ross platform

Full support of all popular platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux.

Magic Packet Server Download

7/8/10, 64bit


10.14 and higher


systemd based

download source 


Setup Magic Packet Server

Download & install prebuild version for your platform. After that the server will start automatically and run as demon (for Unix) or as Service (for Windows). You don't need to start it manually.

Then add into MPS Address field your address like in screenshot.

For example, your computer have IP-address, then URL for you will be:

The program can work over the Internet to do this, open 5154 port on your router and add a static DHCP rule. You can use this article as an example, but use 5154 instead of port 9. Once configured use your external Internet IP-address instead of your internal one.

For example, your internet IP-address or domain name example.com, then URL for you will be: or http://example.com:5154

If everything is configured correctly and your computer is turned on, the green diode on the main screen should be lit. Try, for example, restarting your computer to make sure everything works.


Build own package from scratch:
cd <source-code>
pip3 -r requirements.txt && pip3 install pyinstaller
cd dist/linux
tar -xf mpserver.tar.gz
sudo mpserver/installer.sh install

Starts the HTTP server on port 5134 and waits for commands from the application. For now shutdown, restart and check status was supported.

You can download last release from here

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