Pro Runner

Forget about your phone.
Just run.
Nothing extra, only trainings and statistics.

Why Pro Runner?

A simple application for those who want to run. No annoying offers, brand advertisements, social networks - just running.
Set the workout target, the desired intensity and run, forgetting about the need to look at the phone screen to check your performance - the app will inform you when you go beyond the intensity interval.
Concentrate on the process and enjoy your run.


Set target and intensity of workout

In a couple of clicks, you can customize your run. For example, a long slow run in the first heart rate zone lasting one hour.
The picture shows the configuration for a 5K run in the second zone.

Receive sound notifications

Track your workout metrics and goal progress.
Watch to see if you are within the specified intensity range.
Or don't watch ;) The app will notify you when you go beyond the target intensity.

View detailed statistics

View your route, workout summary, and charts with all main running metrics for every second of your workout.

Upcoming Features

Coming soon

Uploading to Strava

Load trainings to Strava to share your activity with friends in most popular social network for athletes

Coming soon

Interval training

Make a plan of your interval training. Unlimited number of steps, cyclic steps, target and intensity for each step

~ Q1 2021

Apple Watch App

Run with full featured Apple Watch App including interval training, intensity notifications

~ Q2 2021

Extended statistics

Track your progress with weekly, monthly and yearly statistics

~ Q3 2021

Your own training plan

Add your trainings to the calendar and get notifications so you don't forget about your workout

Nachos Team

Somenkov Nikita
Developer and venturer
Romanyuta Armine
Designer and inspirer

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